Dying for all things Scary? If you answered yes then our Spooky SnarlsBoxes are for you! Get in on these limited edition SnarlsBoxes before they are gone! Be sure to leave us notes on what your favorites are and things you may already have.

Spooky boxes come fully decorated and are an amazing gift. They are jaw dropping and bone chilling fun!

All decorations and filler items can be used in your home as well.

We have 3 sizes ranging from $75 to $300!

We have everything from Tarot Decks to spooky palettes!

Examples of things you may get
Spooky palette
Tarot deck
Face paint
Neon Pigment
Hydro liners
Plus more!

Each box will come with a wide variety of items. Feel free to leave order notes of things you love or already have.

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